Our Story of the Brocket

Thank you for visiting the website we hope you love our Brockets (Conduit Bush Sockets).
        the story behind the creation of the Brocket - the conduit bush socket
My name is Adrian Journeaux, I am the founder and managing director of AJ Electrical services based in Fareham, Hampshire.
I have been an electrician for over 20 years and have a vast experience in all sectors of the industry.
We have in the past 5 years been heavily involved in BMS electrical installations where the use of twin compartment trunking and lots of steel conduit is needed.
It soon became obvious to me that a new tool was needed to aid with the installation of conduit bushes.
It evolved from trying to use a 21mm socket, we could only find ones in ½” drive making it far too cumbersome to use in small spaces. I set on a mission to find a ¼” drive 21mm socket but really struggled.
Fortunately, I am a keen engineer and had just purchased my first CNC machine and had it installed in my home workshop, I started using Fusion 360 and set about designing the first prototype back in 2018. The original concept was a double-sided socket that had 20 and 25mm bush sizes on each side. It soon became apparent after some field trails that it was a dead end due to the physical size when attempting to get into small spaces on the 20mm bushes. 
I decided then that two common versions were needed and set to work making the prototypes and the Brocket was born.
I have to say thanks to Joe Jones for coming up with the name it did take a while to put it together, but I think it’s perfect.
I really hope that this little tool helps you as much as it has me!